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What I’ve been reading this week

A long break from the blog, but here are some articles I’ve been reading this week: Is Organizational Structure The Secret to Innovation? The future of city innovation FORCES FOR GOOD FOOD SPOTLIGHT SERIES: APPALACHIAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Our 9 favorite startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 2 A Road Map for Rural America’s Comeback […]

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Where did Gen X go?

In the late 1990s and early 2000’s, I couldn’t pick up a newspaper, magazine, or flip on a new cast and not hear something about the slacker generation know as Gen X. We came after those baby boomers and were going to be the end of the world with our laziness and video game playing. Well […]

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SWVA, Appalachia and Facts

Working on a longer post that still needs some development and more thoughts, but I wanted to share some of my weekly readings. I love politics, and Sarah makes fun of me all the time for watching Meet the Press. Many times I’ve seen talking politics on social media go wrong, and as a rule […]