I like to think of myself as pretty technologically advanced and willing to try new products and apps when they come out. On that note, I must say SnapChat is one I just don’t get. When SnapChat had their IPO and was all over the news I downloaded to check it out. I’ve really tried to use it, and most stuff I can pick up and start using right away. For a messaging app it just doesn’t seem very friendly. I’ve tried it for photos, and Instagram is better in my book. Maybe it is I’m not a big selfie guy? So someone help me, is that all SnapChat is really good at doing? I just don’t see myself turning the camera on myself and recording a video, or snapping a selfie so I can put dog ears on my bald head. This is coming from a guy that locked himself in a room and recorded 5 podcasts talking to just himself. I’m really open to trying new stuff, this is one that I’m just having a hard time grasping. Please fill me in on what I’m missing with SnapChat.

Did you click on the link above and now wonder more about this Chip “Stacks” McGee fellow. Here is a little more about him from a bio I found:

Chip “Stacks” McGee

Have you ever wondered who this Chip “Stacks” McGee fellow is? Where does he come from? How did they let him get a podcast? Well maybe this will shed some light on these questions.

I’d have to say it is pretty simple. I’m just a dude that loves poker. I’ve been playing poker in some form every since I can remember. My first memories are playing for my granddad’s pocket change when he would get off work. Then there was the days in college when we had our “big” $20 buy in games. After leaving college I had quit playing for a few years till I moved, and got in with a crew that had a weekly home game. This was about a year before the Chris Moneymaker boom when finding a good game was still pretty hard to do because it was not cool to be a poker player. One of the guys at the home game was talking about playing online and after checking it out I have been grinding at the tables for about 4 years and enjoying the growth of the game.

Since I was always reading about the news going on in poker and talking poker I felt is was time to get all this information out to all the poker players with iPods and mp3 players.

Chip McGee Fact Sheet
Best Game – Limit Holdem
Favorite Hand – 72 off suit
Favorite Player – Phil Ivey and Greg Raymer
What’s in Chip’s iPod when playing poker? – Jay-Z
Poker Highlight so far – Busting Chris “Jesus” Ferguson out of a Tourney on Full Tilt
Beer of choice – Rolling Rock
Year Chip wins the WSOP – Win ha…I just want to play in the WSOP once