I hate the Atlanta Braves!

I loved the Braves up until August 3rd, 1990 when Dale Murphy was sent packing to the Philly’s. So why after all these years do I still hate the Braves? It really isn’t about them dealing Murphy away (which was a bad trade), but more of crushing the value of loyalty. Up until then I never imagine an act like that could take place, how could you give up on someone that gave you blood, sweat, and tears every game. And to top it all off this is right when the Braves are on the verge of success, just let Murphy taste a little of that success as a reward. Everyone growing up in my age group remembers watching those bad Braves teams on TBS, and the one shining star on the team was Murphy. Two MVPs, consistent stats in a dead ball era, and just being a great face for a franchise and role model for kids gone with a trade for Jeff Parrett and Jim Vatcher. How could the Braves do this to my baseball hero?

Since then Murphy and the Braves have reunited, and I’ve come to grips with the “business of sports”. Yet to this day I’ve not been able to forget or forgive the Braves for teaching me a valuable life lesson. Stay loyal, stay true!

And sorry Chance the Rapper there is only 1 #3.